Analysis of Super Why! Summer Camp Data

Request for Proposals

This Request for Proposals is for a person or firm to enter and analyze pre- and post-test assessment data from approximately 1,600 preschool children who participated in 80 Super WHY! Summer Camps and provide a written analysis of the assessment findings.

As part of CPB's Ready To Learn ("RTL") initiative, a five-year cooperative agreement between CPB and the U.S. Department of Education ("ED"), CPB has funded Super WHY! Summer Camps. The week-long camps are designed for preschool children from low-income families and focus on a carefully developed early literacy curriculum. The camps, which each serve up to 20 children, are led by local teachers at schools and childcare and Head Start centers, in partnership with 18 local PBS member stations that participate in the PBS KIDS Raising Readers initiative. Each day, campers participate in activities focused on a specific reading skill (letter recognition, decoding, letter sound, encoding, reading) brought to life by each Super WHY! character. During the camp, the preschool participants take pre- and post-tests to assess learning gains from the five-day experience.

In summer 2008, 454 children participated in 33 camps in 17 states. Pre- and post-test data from these camps were analyzed and a summary report was written. In the summer 2009, 80 camps serving approximately 1,600 children were held in16 states. CPB has pre- and post-test data from the 2009 summer camp participants that needs to be cleaned, entered into a database, analyzed, and compared with data with from the summer 2008 camps. The applicant selected must analyze the data and provide a written summary of the results.

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