CPB Workforce Diversity Associates Program

Request for Proposals

CPB is initiating this Request for Proposals to encourage and solicit stations and content developers interested in participating in a workforce diversification program, geared towards targeted employment opportunities, for a diverse group of media professionals. In response to the changing national demographic and an expanded strategic focus on Diversity and Innovation, CPB has developed a program that will pair CPB qualified radio and TV stations or CPB funded public media content development organizations with diverse and highly qualified, media professionals. The CPB Workforce Diversity Associates Program intends to provide funds in support of site-based positions in the areas of Community Engagement, Digital Innovation, Content Development, or Development, based on applications to the CPB Workforce Diversity Associates Program, a grant program for the development of sustainable, long-term employee engagement opportunities.

About CPB

CPB promotes the growth and development of public media in communities throughout America.

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CPB awards grants to stations and independent producers to create programs and services.