ATSC Mobile/Handheld Digital Television Grant Program

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), with guidance from the Digital Consultation Panel which is comprised of leadership from public television membership organizations and representatives of the station community, has determined that funds should be allocated for a Mobile/Handheld Digital Television Program. This program will assist CPB qualified public television stations to acquire and install equipment for mobile delivery of digital content and other advanced mobile digital services.

The Advanced Television System Committee ("ATSC") has developed a comprehensive standard for mobile and handheld television services known as ATSC Mobile DTV ("Mobile DTV"). Mobile DTV supplements the current consumer broadcast HDTV standard to allow terrestrial broadcasters (including public television stations) to offer video services to mobile devices.

The goal of this grant program is to assist CPB qualified public television stations to develop and install an end-to-end Mobile DTV infrastructure for delivery of Mobile DTV content. To accomplish this goal, CPB will award grants to CPB-qualified, non-commercial educational (NCE) television licensees for the installation of new end-to-end Mobile DTV delivery platforms.


Please download the Guidelines for detailed information, including application instructions and requirements.

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