Governance Consultant for Los Angeles Consortium

Request for Proposals

CPB announces a Request for Proposals for an organizational and governance consultant. The consultant or consulting firm will assist a group of up to three public television stations in the Los Angeles Market to elaborate and recommend the consortium's governance structure, encompassing key strategic areas and resulting in the establishment of a legal operational entity. The consultancy is anticipated to last approximately 60 days.

Since January 2011, and with CPB's support, the PBS stations in the Los Angeles market have been working to create a new development strategy and major giving campaign, diversify its board of directors, develop a strategic program scheduling system, and build capacity to produce interstitial materials. In addition, investments are being made to increase capacity and lay the foundation for consolidating infrastructure (i.e. master control). The next steps include the creation of a governance structure for the consortium that is integral to the sustainability, long-term effectiveness and relevance of the stations in the Los Angeles Market, and that is consistent with public broadcasting's core values and principles.

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