Rural Station Digital Equipment Emergency Recovery Grants

Request for Applications

CPB has set aside $500,000 of the remaining Digital appropriation funds to provide emergency financial assistance to rural, economically-challenged public TV and radio stations to purchase and install digital master control room and/or transmission equipment that has been damaged or destroyed as a result of a natural or man-made disaster or act of terrorism.

Please download the Request for Applications for detailed information, including application requirements.


An applicant's broadcast operations must have been interrupted by a significant natural or man-made disaster. The reason for the interruption should be fully described in the Emergency Justification Summary. The application must be made within four weeks of the disaster.

An applicant must meet the CPB's Community Service Grant (“CSG”) general eligibility criteria, must have been entitled to receive CSG funds at the time of the disaster and for the current CPB fiscal year, and, under the terms of the CSG agreement, must be entitled to expend CSG funds for operations of the station(s) for which the digital grant application is being submitted.

An applicant must qualify as a rural station (with a coverage area population of fewer than 40 persons per kilometer) AND must have a level of 2011 Non-Federal Financial Support, or NFFS, that falls within the lower 50% of CSG recipients of its operations type. A list of eligible stations is listed in the Request for Applications document.

Applicants must continue to meet the criteria outlined above during the course of the application process. If at any time during this process the applicant ceases to meet the criteria above, the applicant must immediately notify CPB.


Please direct any questions regarding this Program to:

Djinni Field
Project Manager, System Development and Media Strategy

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