Native American Music Program Service

In order to continue CPB's commitment to Native American audiences and take the next step toward a stronger and more responsive program service, CPB is releasing this discrete Request-for-Proposals for a daily (4-6 hours) Native music program service relevant to Native American audiences, that can be a main component of the AIROS program service feed to stations. Furthermore, this new music program service will replace Native Sounds - Native Voices in the AIROS program feed.


CPB seeks to extend public radio's service to Native American audiences and stations looking for a new music service by supporting the creation of a meaningful, significant, and sustainable music program service that will be distributed via American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS). This CD-based music program should be 4-6 hours, seven days per week, and take advantage of automation systems and technologies developed by and/or in use by other public radio music program productions, such as World Café and JazzWorks.


Any person or institution may respond to this Request for Proposals (RFP). Joint proposals from multiple parties are encouraged.

Programs currently funded by CPB are eligible for additional CPB funding, provided that their objectives are consistent with the purpose and priorities outlined above.

Single year projects are NOT eligible.

Applicants selected for funding MUST be ready to commence distribution of their programs through AIROS no later than July 1, 2005.

CPB Review and Selection

The process will begin with CPB staff review, after which applicants may be invited to submit additional detail and to provide content samples, if appropriate. CPB may forward such additional materials to outside experts, who will advise CPB regarding each project's merits and consistency with this RFP's purpose and priorities. Most funding decisions will occur no sooner than 4 weeks after submission. While we seek input and advice, funding decisions are CPB's alone.

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