Television general provisions

In addition to these general provisions, stations must comply with the Certification Requirements for Station Grants Recipients.

Below is a summary of the key revisions the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has made to the fiscal year 2016 Television General Provisions and Eligibility Criteria that govern station’s 2016 Community Service Grant (CSG).

  • Flagship Station – is now referenced, Part I, Section 1 (P) and Section 2 (A).
  • Licensee Official – the definition has been updated, Part I, Section 1 (W).
  • Channel Sharing Agreement – CSG eligibility, Part I, Section 5 (F).
  • Transparency Requirements – clarifications, Part I, Section 7.
  • Spectrum Incentive Auction Transparency – responsibilities are explained, Part I,Section 9.
  • Spectrum Auction Return of Funds – explained, Part I, Section 17 (C) (5).

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