CPB’s 2012 CSG Review Process: Overview

The Radio 2012 CSG Review will evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the program in today’s environment with a focus on aligning stations for the future. The last review of the Radio CSG Program took place in 2005 and much has changed since then. Shifts in technology, population and the economy have changed the landscape for public radio, and, further, have prompted new thinking on how stations go about the business of providing essential public service to their communities. It is critical that stations and CPB funding are aligned for the future.

CPB began its CSG Review Process in February 2012 with a series of seven Dynamic Inquiries, engaging more than 130 station executives and representatives of public radio’s national organizations in on-line focus groups to determine issues of importance. You can download a consolidated summary of the Dynamic Inquiries. As you will see, the comments are not attributed to the participants to ensure that everyone felt they could speak freely. Words or phrases that potentially identified a participant were redacted to maintain anonymity. Otherwise, all other content from the sessions is included.

CPB also convenes a CSG Review Panel to assist with the review. The system representatives for this review process include representatives of stations and national public radio organizations. The Panel will hold up to four in-person meetings to review the current CSG Program, discuss and evaluate possible changes to the CSG Program and make final recommendations to CPB leadership about changes to the CSG Program. Any changes to the CSG Program must be approved by the CPB Board of Directors.

The Panel held its first meeting via webinar on April 2, 2012. You can download a summary of the webinar.

The Panel will meet in-person in Washington, D.C. throughout 2012.

Station managers and other system leaders are encouraged to share their thoughts regarding the CSG Program with CPB by sending e-mail to radiocsgreview@cpb.org.

CPB will continue to update this website with additional information and documents throughout the 2012 CSG Review Process.

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