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The EFP/Editing Manager position will oversee and manage a full-time crew responsible for EFP (Electronic Field Production) and Editing activities. The manager will be responsible for researching new technologies, ensuring that the EFP staff has the necessary equipment to excel in their roles. Additionally, this position will coordinate efforts between the Media Archivist and content creators to establish consistent metadata standards and efficient asset management practices. The manager will collaborate with the Production Services Specialist to determine production needs, assist with scheduling EFP/Editing personnel and resources, and work with Producers and Directors to ensure proper workflows and resource allocation. Maintenance responsibilities include keeping equipment in good working condition, installing software updates, and working with IT Staff to maintain Avid systems. They will also oversee operational expenses to ensure compliance with budgetary guidelines.


Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Production or related field plus five years of television production including Studio, EFP (electronic field production), editing, producing/directing and project management; equivalent education/experience considered. A basic understanding is required of all television production equipment including studio, EFP, microphones and audio mixers, character generators, video switchers, video servers and video routers, closed caption encoding, cloud storage, file transfer services, and non-linear edit systems. Project management skills. Ability to: create a budget for a television production including every necessary aspect; mediate a compromise when schedules conflict; manage television projects as well as projects related to training and installation; and interact with clients and the public in a professional manner.

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Lincoln, NE
United States
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Full time
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