Job Description:

Job Purpose
The Broadcast Traffic Specialist will coordinate traffic and scheduling functions for the station’s HD & digital channels. This position is responsible for retrieving media files and repackaging them for broadcast. Duties include daily coordination of resources and completion of proper flight schedules in logs for  station promo breaks and interstitials.  Duties also consist of generation and completion of broadcast log distribution, which includes commercial satellite and fiber interconnects.

Create Promo records in Protrack from list provided by Communications of weekly promotions for ETVHD, SCC, and ETV World. Enter interstitials and promos in a timely manner to fill breaks in the Broadcast log for ETVHD, SCC, ETV World and SCETV KIDS. During Pledge, schedule pledge breaks and phone bars. Ensure proper Bugs are in the broadcast log for each channel. Ensure UW openings are attached to UW spots and connected properly for paid clients.

Prepare and proofread daily broadcast logs for air. Ensure all programs have the proper media attachment, and breaks are filled. Ensure logs are created for ETVHD, SCC, ETV World and SCETV PBS Kids in advance and working prior to broadcast. Print and deliver logs to Master Control operations.

Job Duties
Manage programs needed for the flow of broadcast schedule. All programs require media ID. Following myPBS to ensure we have the most up-to-date program for broadcast (repackaging) so that the correct top/tail of program airs with current funders and promotions. Checking reports will ensure programs air at the correct T-times and will not cause air discrepancy.

Promos are created in Protrack and properly scheduled for broadcast.  Breaks are filled so that there is no dead air. Bugs for each channel must be entered into log so that viewers know what channel they are viewing. During pledge, phone bars and pledge breaks must be entered into the broadcast log so viewers are aware of 800 number to pledge and pledge breaks are included into logs that detail messaging.

Logs for all channels must be printed daily by end of day for Master Control operations.  In the event of disaster recovery or holidays, logs will be printed in advance. Logs for all channels should be completed three days prior to broadcast in the event of any emergency.

Minimum and Additional Requirements

A high school diploma and relevant program experience. A bachelor's degree may be substituted for the required program experience. 

Job Location: 
Columbia, SC
United States
Job Category: 
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Job Type: 
Full time
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Maximum Salary: 
(803) 737-3534