Job Description:

Job Purpose: 
Serves as the agency’s Chief Financial Office and supervises the full scope of finance, accounting, procurement and other financial operations of the agency. Serves as the primary contact with the SC Department of Administration (DOA) to coordinate timely workflows between the two entities. Works with DOA to prepare and maintain the agency’s budget, monitor program expenditures and revenue, and manage fixed assets. Manages the audit and fiscal reporting processes for the agency. Analyzes and evaluates activities of the agency which affect the financial management system to ensure compliance with appropriate laws and regulations., . Advises on contractual language for finance-related matters. Provides regular budget updates, research, and analysis to the Agency Director and Leadership Team to support fiscal decisions and strategic planning. Works with program staff to track Performance Measures and generated reports. Works with DOA to respond to requests received from legislative committees, other state, and local agencies as well as private sector. Compile objectives, milestones, goals, and performance analysis information for the strategic plan and accountability reports.

Job Duties: 

Works with DOA to monitor agency budgets; monitor all agency expenditures; develop and execute revenue policy.  Prepares budget requests as required, including the Governor’s budget request, agency detailed budget submission and legislative budget requests; ensures that expenditures are made in conformance with all internal and external requirements. Monitors legislative and state government actions, to determine fiscal impacts for the agency. Works closely with the agency leadership to incorporate organizational initiatives into goals of the strategic plan. Provides guidance to leadership team on administrative issues of critical importance.  Reviews existing policies and procedures and, when needed, implements new policies and procedures, after gathering input from colleagues and approval by the President. Promotes agency- wide understanding about risks and risk management strategies.


Works collaboratively with DOA and other entities to manage the timely preparation and submission of all financial reporting, analyses, reports, and related documents including, but not limited to, Year-end ACFR Reporting, the annual Single Audit, state reporting, and all related reports to the Federal Communications Commission and Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Prepares and presents reports to the ETV Commission on agency financial matters. Confers with State and Federal officials on changes which effect or are affected by the accounting and budgeting system.  Prepares the annual CPB, AFR and SABS reports. Coordinates agency procurement program to include establishing and revising controls as required in legislation and Comptroller General regulations. Coordinate with Admin on annual Finance or Procurement audit requests. Monitor and review, at least monthly, the agency’s General Ledger to ensure GAAP and State Policy compliance; coordinating appropriate corrections when necessary, with proper documentation. 


Works with DOA to plan and direct the agency’s accounting system including accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, budgets, and purchasing activities.  Recruits, hires, supervises, and evaluates departmental staff.   Ensures that staff receive appropriate training in financial systems such as SCEIS and CPB. Supervises and controls the updating of automated accounting operations.  Establishes and changes accounting and procurement controls as required by changes in legislation, Comptroller General regulations, or Department of Administration policies and procedures.  


Works with DOA to ensure budget conformity of agency construction projects, federal projects, and other permanent improvement projects.  Supervises the drawdown of federal, capital improvement bonds, capital reserve, and other non-recurring funds. Reviews all agency contracts relating to finance.   Provides support for managers in financial planning and business initiatives with the development of business plans. Assist the agency with identifying business opportunities that are entrepreneurial and benefit the organization by furthering the mission or generating revenue. Researches and stays current by monitoring news or events which have a financial impact on the agency. Serve as the point of contact and answer inquiries regarding policies and procedures.


Develops and briefs agency personnel on all agency accounting, budgeting, and purchasing policies and procedures. Directs the agency’s compliance with financial and procurement audits. Keeps management continuously apprised of cash flow and expenditure trends. Works closely with the ETV Endowment to ensure timely billing and tracking of ETV Endowment support of ETV. Review compliance with Grantor requirements on all ETV grants and ensure staff is making timely and accurate grant expenditure postings and draws as appropriate. Develop accurate, complex reporting that can be reconciled to the book of record for Executive Management as needed. Identify opportunities for efficiency improvements in existing processes. 


Performs other related duties as assigned.

Minimum and Additional Requirements

A bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, business, or a related field and professional experience in a related area, such as accounting, auditing, finance, or banking. 

Job Location: 
Columbia, SC
United States
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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Job Type: 
Full time
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(803) 737-3534