Job Description:

Job Purpose: Initiates and executes vividly told, strongly reported stories for radio, web, and other platforms. Collaborates with other team members to further build South Carolina Public Radio’s news coverage

Job Duties: Reports, writes and produces daily and long-form news content on a variety of issues pertaining to South Carolina and our region for Radio and digital audiences. Content includes but is not limited to feature-length stories, newscasts spots, written web stories, two-way interviews, social media posts, podcasts, occasional specials for National or Statewide broadcast. Develops relationships with and follows leads from news agencies, government agencies, law enforcement, the public, press conferences and other statewide sources. Pitches ideas and stories to NPR.

Covers breaking news, demonstrating the ability to think and act quickly. Monitors phones, e-mail, AP Wire, SCEMD, SCEIN, appropriate apps, Slack, social media, etc. for any and all information pertaining but not limited to South Carolina Public Radio in the case of an emergency situation.   During non-emergency situations must keep up with current news situations.  

Responsible for keeping track of and archiving of material produced in a manner that is accessible and kept up to date. Ensures that all metadata is accurate and complete, including persons interviews, topics covered, date produced, length, etc. 

Serves as host or panelist for live or taped long-form broadcasts on South Carolina Public Radio and ETV television. Examples include but are not limited to candidate debates and election night coverage. Included is the responsibility to research as necessary. Acts as a representative of South Carolina Public Radio at various functions. Acts as back-up host for local Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and talk show programs. 

Job Description: 

Ensure that completed materials are creative, accurate, and meet journalistic ethics standards and industry standards. Performs duties in a timely and professional manner. That information is provided during breaking news and weather events is  timely and accurate. Responsible for archived material that it is complete and easily searchable in the appropriate system. Responsible for archived material so it is complete and easily searchable in the appropriate system.


Minimum and Additional Requirements
    At least a high school diploma and experience or additional education in production of radio or television programs.

Exceptional news judgment and journalistic ethics. Strong interviewing and news writing skills. Knowledge of audio production software and audio editing skills. Strong time management skills. Ability to multitask and complete multiple projects concurrently. Knowledge of major issues affecting South Carolina and surrounding regions.  Knowledge of Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations pertaining to broadcasting a plus. Knowledge of in-studio audio production techniques for broadcasting. Strong interpersonal skills.

This employee may be required to travel and operate a state vehicle from time to time when assisting with productions.
Job Location: 
Columbia, SC
United States
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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Job Type: 
Full time
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(803) 737-3534