Job Description:


At this moment, our country feels increasingly disconnected—our mutual distrust amplified by everything from social media to the efforts of forces seeking to weaken the foundations of our democracy.  Many Americans feel unheard, alone, and angry. 

Founded in 2003, StoryCorps has perfected a simple method for helping people feel more connected and less alone; for increasing hope and decreasing fear of the other; for reminding us all of the inherent worth of every person and every story.  Up to this point, almost all of the people who have come to participate in StoryCorps have done so because they know and love one another. 

With the One Small Step initiative, StoryCorps is fostering conversations between people who hold different worldviews.  Participants don’t come to argue about politics, but simply to get to know one another as human beings, to take one small step towards each other and remember there is more that unites than divides us.


The Planner/Outreach Specialist role will be approximately 70% planning and scheduling recording days and 30% community outreach. The Specialist is responsible for selecting individuals to participate and matching them with individuals who have opposing views. All correspondence and scheduling will be handled by the Specialist. Applicants must exhibit a strong customer service background and have a willingness to engage with people from all walks of life with equal empathy and consideration. The ideal candidate will have a genuine interest in bridge-building work, a strong attention to detail, and an understanding of how to connect with individuals across the political spectrum. We strongly encourage applications from individuals with experience working with conservative communities.

Operating under the direction of StoryCorps’ Manager, Community Partnerships - OSS, and with input from the One Small Step Director, the One Small Step Planner and Outreach Specialist will match and schedule One Small Step participants as well supporting relationships with our partners and running the logistics of our recording engagements. They will support the day to day operations of recording engagement planning and assist in targeted outreach and engagement efforts within several US cities/towns to introduce OSS to various community-based institutions. Through this work, the Planner and Outreach Specialist will help to support the interview collection goals at a scale that will make the initiative into a national effort to bring the country closer together.

The individual will work with a variety of stakeholders throughout the nation — including nonprofit organizations, religious entities, political groups, fraternal societies, and more, from both progressive and conservative political positions. This position is also expected to work collaboratively with leadership and staff from other departments within StoryCorps. In addition to oversight by the Manager, Community Partnerships, the Planner and Outreach Specialist will work in tandem with the OSS Field Managers to fulfill the community-level campaign outreach strategy. This is a temporary role, scheduled to end in December 2022.



  • Match and Schedule OSS participants
  • Assist in facilitation of OSS conversations
  • Support the achievement of One Small Step program grant deliverables -- e.g., number of interviews recorded
  • Research, engage, and collaborate with a variety of community-based partner organizations to coordinate OSS participation
  • Plan and execute regional and/or local OSS recording days
  • Ensure the data collection and entry of all partner-related information into our database
  • Assist the Manager, Community Partnerships (OSS) in the development and implementation of OSS-specific training and resources for community-based organizations and StoryCorps staff
  • Deliver presentations on behalf of OSS, as assigned
  • Support the Manager, Community Partnerships in submission of reports for StoryCorps funders, OSS operations team, and StoryCorps senior management
  • In conjunction with the Manager, Community Partnerships, collaborate with StoryCorps’ Marketing & Communications Department to support the communications functions of OSS
  • Share community-level campaign outreach strategy with the OSS Manager, Community Partnerships and Director, National Campaign
  • Perform other duties to support One Small Step, as assigned


  • You have experience conducting community-based outreach and engaging community partners remotely.
  • You communicate effectively – by email, phone, or in person.
  • You’re organized, have a keen attention to detail, and you’re able to multitask effectively
  • You have strong computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Drive.
  • You are able to work independently as well as collaboratively.
  • You demonstrate cultural humility and thrive in a diverse working environment.
  • You are passionate about bridge-building work and the mission of StoryCorps / the One Small Step initiative.


  • You are fluent in a language other than English; Spanish highly preferred.
  • You have experience working with conservative communities.


Job Title: Temporary Planner/Outreach Specialist, One Small Step (OSS)

Department: One Small Step

Division: Programs

Location: Brooklyn, NY or Remote 

Reports To: Manager, Community Partnerships (One Small Step)

Status: Full-Time, Temporary, Non-Exempt

Job Location: 
Brooklyn, NY
United States
Job Category: 
Monday, November 15, 2021
Job Type: 
Full time
Send Application Materials To: 
(646) 723-7020