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WFYI is a content leader in the public media ecosystem with several initiatives that serve local, regional, and national audiences. WFYI houses one of the Midwest's largest newsrooms that includes the Side Effects health reporting collaborative, IPB News, a regional journalism hub for Indiana, and America Amplified, a nationwide partnership with CPB and stations across the country to support community engagement journalism. WFYI produces weekly television public affairs programming that serves the entire state with comprehensive coverage of the Indiana statehouse. WFYI is both a producer and presenting station for many public television documentaries including our most recent work Birch Bayh: American Senator. Our engagement efforts span every aspect of our programming, placing community input at the beginning, middle and conclusion of our content initiatives.

You may be surprised to know Indianapolis is the 25th DMA in the country. WFYI operates a full power PBS TV station as well as a recently launched ATSC 3.0 low power TV station that serves the entire metro. WFYI operates/services radio stations throughout Central Indiana including WBAA, West Lafayette, which recently celebrated 100 years of service.


WFYI is committed to a more informed, inspired, and inclusive Indiana. With a focus on expanding and deepening both audience reach and engagement, the Chief Content Officer will work with teams at WFYI to develop comprehensive strategies that achieve our vision through trusted journalism, inspiring stories, and lifelong learning.

The CCO will be a collaborative leader of vision, strategy, and content creation with practical media experience and cross-platform expertise. The CCO will have big-picture understanding of current and emerging audience engagement with media. They will be knowledgeable about diverse media platforms, processes, and technologies. The CCO will enhance user experience by leveraging current content and new initiatives in relevant cross-platform ways, piloting ideas, and applying technology solutions.

The CCO will be or become deeply familiar with WFYI and its partners’ content, storytelling, and audiences. The CCO will be passionate about the current and potential impact of public media. They will be an inspiring leader, innovator, and convener of creative engagement with results. The CCO will balance best practices, innovation and judicious risk-taking to enhance WFYI's offerings to capture the imagination of current and new audiences, and to drive incremental engagement, frequency of interaction, and growth.

The CCO will be an energizing, expert resource for the CEO and Executive Leadership of WFYI public media and partner entities. A team builder, systems thinker, and source of ideas, the CCO will have passion for content and innovation as well as effective process. The CCO will be adaptive and resilient. They will build and encourage collaborative, high-performing and accountable teams. The CCO will have a record of achieving high quality and realizing efficiencies in contexts relevant to WFYI.


To be successful in this role, an individual must be able to perform the functions listed below in a satisfactory, consistent, timely and accurate manner. Pursuant to organizational policy, reasonable accommodations, as required by law, will be provided to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform these essential functions and responsibilities.

Audience Growth, Engagement, and Experience

The CCO is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to attract and grow a more diverse audience, enhance the user experience, and deepen engagement across all content platforms including digital and traditional broadcast. The CCO will employ a collaborative process with other teams to establish an audience-first and data-informed decision-making process.

Trusted Journalism

The CCO is responsible for building on the trusted engagement journalism foundations at WFYI along with its Indiana Public Broadcast News partners and others to provide essential fact-based reporting that serves as the foundation of our democracy. The CCO must be agile and innovative in growing and maintaining these services, assisting in the fundraising process while maintaining a journalistic firewall as appropriate.

Inspiring Stories

The CCO will lead all content production units at WFYI and work collaboratively with production and program partners to develop original content and curate available media to inspire Hoosier audiences via service across all platforms including digital and broadcast.

Lifelong Learning

The CCO will embrace community engagement and a mission of lifelong learning through content creation, distribution, and activities that educate audiences at every stage of life; providing opportunity and equity through public media.

Content Project Management

The CCO is responsible for a variety of high-profile content initiatives hosted by WFYI (America Amplified, Indiana Public Broadcasting News, Side Effects Public Media) that serve national, regional, and local audiences. This person will manage these initiatives and work with teams to expand services while seeking new opportunities that align with WFYI’s mission.

Talent Management

The CCO will build and manage a team committed to the highest level of service for WFYI and its audiences, fostering an environment of inclusivity and opportunity that includes mentorship and professional development.


  • Responsible for being a key contributor and collaborator with other WFYI teams providing on-going input and support for:

    • Development and Marketing
    • Finance and Administration
  • Attends and represents the Content Division at board meetings
  • Serves as a liaison for Community Advisory Board
  • Responsible for performing other duties as assigned.


Our ideal team player is a dynamic leader not only in audience service, content creation, and community engagement, but also in the areas of building a positive & respectful culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must have the following education and/or experience as outlined below.

  • Required

    • Bachelor’s Degree in a media related field or other related degree or equivalent experience.
    • Broad background experience/exposure within news, education, cultural arts and/or entertainment, with applicable digital/production experience.
    • Successful and demonstrable senior management experience in media; including budget, project, and personnel supervision.
  • Preferred

    • Knowledge of, or experience in, public media journalism, programming, and production.
    • Knowledge of, or experience in, complex non-profit organizations.


The requirements listed below represent the demonstrable knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required to perform this position’s functions and responsibilities satisfactorily.

  • Demonstrable experience collaborating openly and effectively toward organizational goals
  • Successful demonstrable experience motivating people and bringing them together around a vision with strategy and clear expectations
  • Demonstrable successful experience participating with local organizations and activities to develop an authentic sense of place and community needs reflected in the work product
  • Experience interpreting, understanding, and explaining data with teams toward the goal of audience service and growth
  • Experience building and leading diverse teams
  • Successful experience mentoring and delegating
  • Exceptional communication skills and demonstrable ability to effectively articulate our mission and vision to audiences
  • Significant demonstrable experience utilizing digital platforms to serve audience
  • Strong ethical practice skills


Compensation range is not inclusive of total rewards (benefits/performance-based pay, etc)

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Indianapolis, IN
United States
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Friday, October 21, 2022
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Full time
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