Mobile Education Resources: WCTE

WCTE is developing a mobile lab to bring public media educational resources to children and families in their local community and rural areas of the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. Rural families in this region have limited or no access to technology, but WCTE has found that these families want to gain access for themselves and for their children, and want to access the high quality learning content available through WCTE. WCTE's mobile lab includes tablet computers, headsets and related technology accessories, and offers a portable space for children, parents and the community to explore, learn, and engage with PBS KIDS literacy and STEM content. Anticipating that the lab will become an important tool for community engagement, WCTE implemented the lab in partnership with local schools, public housing, libraries and other family service organizations, as well as other Tennessee public media stations. In addition to the mobile lab, WCTE is placing a smaller on-site learning lab within the Putnam County Regional Health Department to provide families visiting the health department with access to high quality public media content.



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