Women's Voices - Phase 2

New York Public Radio (NYPR) builds on the success of its Women's Voices podcasting project, which is bringing new voices to public radio, increasing the talent pipeline, spurring innovation, and connecting content to listeners in ways that fit their lives. NYPR launched the CPB-funded Women's Voices project in 2014 to increase the number of women hosting programs in public media. NYPR developed and distributed three new podcasts hosted by women -- Death, Sex and Money, New Tech City and The Longest Shortest Time. Together, these three podcasts have generated more than 1 million downloads and growing. In Phase 2, NYPR increased the output of the current three podcasts and identified and developed a new set of diverse women's voices. NYPR is nurturing a growing network of female content creators through mentoring, networking and shared learning for audience outreach, engagement and financial development.



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