Goals and Objectives

As adopted by the CPB Board on August 3, 2023


GOAL: Promote an educated, informed, and diverse civil society through the development of high-quality enriching content and services delivered efficiently and effectively across multiple platforms.

To achieve this Goal, CPB will pursue the following objectives:

  1. Support the collaborative development and distribution of high-quality, noncommercial content and services with particular attention to the needs and interests of children, unserved and underserved communities, and diverse audiences.
  2. Strengthen stations’ role as essential local and regional institutions reflecting the diversity of their communities through their content, personnel, and boards.
  3. Support the development, production and efficient distribution of local information and news (especially where it is not available) that is accurate, fair, balanced, objective, and transparent. Promote efforts to ensure editorial integrity, diversity and inclusion in public media newsrooms. Ensure newsrooms are accessible to the public on a reasonable basis.
  4. Support the development, production, and efficient distribution of high-quality educational content and services that promote learning in all settings. Encourage efforts to build education partnerships at local and state levels.
  5. Foster the development of content created by new and diverse talent.


GOAL: Support public media’s ability to navigate a constantly changing media landscape through innovative projects and technologies that strengthen the quality of content and services. Streamline content distribution (interconnection), improve scalability, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

To achieve this Goal, CPB will pursue the following objectives:

  1. Support public media strategies that anticipate the convergence of broadcast and internet media, as well as the changing ways in which content is consumed and delivered.
  2. Support public media organizations’ shift to a digital-first focus and their use of multimedia platforms to serve and engage diverse audiences wherever, whenever, and however they use, share, and create media.
  3. Advance public media's role in providing emergency alerts by improving and broadening the delivery of such information.



GOAL: Strengthen the quality of public media's content and services by supporting strong public media organizations that are vital to and reflective of the people they serve.

To achieve this Goal, CPB will pursue the following objectives:

  1. Promote and support consolidations and collaborations in and among public media stations and national organizations to more efficiently produce and distribute content and provide essential services.

  2. Foster a public media workforce that includes the diverse backgrounds, talents, and experiences of the American people.

  3. Support initiatives and projects that extend the reach of public media to new and diverse users and creators of content.

  4. Work with public media organizations to increase and measure the impact of the services they provide. Increase awareness of the vital role that public media plays in helping communities address important local, regional, and national issues contributing to the national dialogue.

  5. Support efforts to strengthen community engagement with diverse organizations and institutions.