Public Media Meeting Facilitation

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August 21, 2023

Request for Proposals

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”) is requesting proposals from a firm or individual (“Contractor”) to facilitate a minimum of one and a maximum of five in-person meetings in Washington, D.C., each lasting one to two days, with public media general managers and system leaders. The goal of the meetings is to elicit input and recommendations from approximately 20 representatives of public media on critical topics and activities related to public media system health, technology, policy, and/or future business strategies.

The meetings will involve in-depth discussion and evaluation of media trends, financial data, audience data, and other information. The first of such meetings will take place in Washington, D.C. on October 23 and 24, 2023, with additional meetings possible throughout 2024. The facilitator will advise CPB on meeting strategies and agendas, facilitate the meetings, and provide notes, feedback and a final report (“Project”).

Please download the Request for Proposals below for detailed information, including application requirements.
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Questions from Potential Respondents, with CPB Answers:

FAQ Topic: 

Are there any constraints on audience size?

CPB prefers a small group – no more than 20 invited participants plus meeting facilitator(s)/Contractor

Can you provide details on the desired outcome(s) that you would like to see from these workshops?

CPB would like to connect with public media system leaders and learn more about the challenges and opportunities they are facing in their local markets.

Does CPB have a location (on or off-site) that will be provided for the sessions? If so, will the contractor be able to use a room the day prior for setup?

CPB has a site planned for the session in October in Washington, DC. The meetings typically start in the afternoon and the room will be available for setup on the morning of the first day.

Does CPB have any formatting or length requirements for the final report that the facilitator will produce?

The format will be a PDF, the length of which will vary based on outcomes of the meetings.

Has CPB held meetings like this in the past or will this be the first of its kind?

CPB held two similar meetings with other participants in 2023.

How much influence does the contractor have over dates to book sessions?

CPB will determine meeting dates based on a number of factors, including availability of Contractor

How will the ~20 participants for the meetings be selected/chosen? Will the same participants attend all meetings or will the participant makeup be different for each meeting?

Participants will be chosen by CPB and will vary between meetings. Participants are chosen based on a representation of the public media system by factors such as station size, format, audience, and licensee type.

Is CPB open to the contractor using its meeting space to facilitate the workshops?

CPB will determine meeting venues

The goal of the meetings is to "elicit input and recommendations" from public media leaders on a range of topics. How does CPB plan to use the information gathered during these discussions, following the meetings?

CPB plans to use this information to better meet the needs of the public media system and ensure we are prioritizing these needs appropriately.

The meetings will involve discussion and evaluation of media trends, financial data, etc. Are there existing reports, information, or data that CPB plans to provide meeting participants as a baseline for those discussions? Or, is the expectation that participants will produce such information (e.g., financial trends impacting them), based on their role within public media?

CPB will prepare and provide reading and discussion materials to participants in advance of each meeting.

What are general attendee profiles?

Participants are primarily public radio and tv station general managers.

What are the goals/objectives of this year's CPB meeting?

CPB would like to connect with public media system leaders and learn more about the challenges and opportunities they are facing in their local markets.

What does success look like for this gathering?

Eliciting thoughtful comments on the challenges, opportunities, and priorities from public media system leaders that lead directly to recommendations to improve the system. Connecting with system leaders and facilitating new connections among the participants.

What is the anticipated size of the group attending each of the sessions?

Approximately 20 participants attending each session, plus up to 15 CPB senior staff members