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Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


Responsible for inputting and maintaining the monthly program schedules for all 12 (Public Media Connect) channels into a broadcast management solution.  ProTrack centralizes content metadata and facilitates multiple distribution workflows from a single point of control. All elements for the logs are entered into this system for broadcast.


The Senior Manager of Programming Operations is responsible for supervising the Traffic team (two full-time Traffic Coordinator positions).  The Traffic Coordinators are responsible for the completion of multiple daily broadcast logs. Responsibilities include entering interstitial into ProTrack, assigning media ids to all content elements, adding station identifiers (bugs) and sending playlists to ThinkTV & BEMC master control.  Notifying both master controls of required changes to the logs.

Works closely with all departments especially development, corporate support, engineering & production.

Works with colleagues from BEMC, PBS, NETA, APT and other distributors of program content.


  • Input and maintain monthly program schedules into ProTrack for ThinkTV16 (WPTD – 5 channels); ThinkTV14 (WPTO – 4 channels);and CET (WCET-3 channels) with specific program numbers, new series additions, and sources for each program.
  • Create template schedules and copy channel rules for each channel for easier insertion of programs to the monthly program grid.
  • Schedule recordings or file transfers from SIX or BEMC for all programs airing from server and assign media identification codes.
  • Check all media assigned for the most recent version of programs (weekly).
  • Complete and send program schedule reports for each channel to list services each month. Provide program changes to listing services & staff.
  • Work with ThinkTV & BEMC master control to ensure workflow and requirements are maintained for program data and broadcast logs. 
  • Oversee traffic department for assistance with placement of station break materials, finding missing programs, unassigned media, updated timings on shows/spots, how to place bugs or keys over programs.
  • Work closely with master control for program updates, reminders of live program events (press conferences/hearings) and how to address changes/updates. Adjust broadcast logs accordingly with updated timings in Protrack.
  • Monitor PBS/APT/NETA program offers for any changes.
  • Run weekly purge lists to remove expired media & clean up servers.
  • Provide backup support for purging content in archive & k2 servers monthly or as space is needed.
  • Combine promos needed for BEMC from the weekly promo build reports into an Excel list so master control can transfer the interstitial in a timely manner.
  • Transfer media from CET/ThinkTV server to BEMC and send an email alert to both master controls to pull/send material to/from BEMC/ThinkTV for broadcast.
  • Update the program schedules for time changes in March & November to allow for automation to update.
  • Work closely with the Corporate Sales Department for placement of underwriting spots.
  • Enter underwriting contracts with client name, address, number of spots to air, dollar amount of contract, start & end dates and monthly or per spot billings.
  • Each underwriting spot is entered in Protrack, with start/end dates and placement identified.
  • ProTrack Flights are entered for the spots with spot placement details from the client. Flights can include Run of Schedule or Program specific or multiple time slot details for multiple spots.
  • Run affidavits monthly for billing to underwriting clients - making sure all spots aired per each contract.
  • Send monthly affidavits for clients to the accounting department for billing.
  • Corporate Sales Representatives may request weekly affidavits to send to clients prior to spots airing.
  • When required, schedule FCC License Renewal spots for WCET, WPTO & WPTD and complete FCC verification of date & time spots aired.
  • Every three months complete the required FCC Quarterly Program Topic Reports.
  • Input/update program schedules for WPTD, WPTO & WCET-HD weekly into the Nielsen Enames software program.
  • Communicate with Traffic team regularly. Update them on timely issues or upcoming events.
  • Be available evenings and weekends for calls from Master Control or BEMC regarding conflicts, missing media, technical problems, or any issues that affect on-air.


Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:

  • At least two years of work experience in public television.
  • Bachelor’s degree in communications or related field.
  • Knowledge of television operations.
  • Must be detail orientated.
  • Must possess excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills for managing diverse projects simultaneously.
  • Ability to catch mistakes or updates needed and make corrections.
  • Ability to handle stress effectively in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Motivated, self-starter.
  • Experience with office applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Work effectively in a cooperative, collaborative manner with other team members to meet deadlines.
  • Must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others, both within the station and the community.
  • Must be able to perform, under pressure and on deadlines, a variety of duties requiring attention to detail and a high degree of accuracy.
  • Attend meetings in person/webinars/zoom meetings pertaining to this position to keep updated.
  • Knowledge of ProTrack software system.

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to lift 25 pounds.
  • Minimally physical environment – typically office setting
  • Must be able to sit or stand for prolonged periods.


Public Media Connect is currently accepting applications for this position.  Applications can be completed HERE or by visiting our website at or  Resumes can also be emailed to


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Dayton, OH
United States
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Full time
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Public Media Connect is currently accepting applications for this position.  Applications can be completed HERE or by visiting our website at or  Resumes can also be emailed to

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