Radio Community Service Grant Application for Fiscal Year 2019 - For New Applicants

CPB is accepting applications from noncommercial educational radio stations to enter the Radio Community Service Grant Program.

Moderated Online Focus Group Project for Radio Community Service Grants System Consultations

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”) seeks to engage an organization (“Consultant”) to conduct moderated online focus groups (“Focus Groups”) of public radio station leaders. The Focus Groups will address questions concerning CPB’s Radio Community Service Grant (“CSG”) program.

American Graduate Phase Three Station Grants

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is requesting proposals to provide grant funds to geographically diverse public media stations to continue efforts on American Graduate phase three. Stations will work in collaboration with an American Graduate lead station. The grant term is anticipated to run Fall 2017 to Fall 2019. To be eligible to apply for funding, stations must currently receive a CPB Community Service Grant and be in good standing.

Urban Alternative Music Format – Phase 2: Station Applications

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is seeking proposals from public radio stations qualified as Community Service Grant recipients that are interested in attracting the Target Audience using the Urban Alternative music format. Earlier research for this project found that a music blend consisting of hip-hop, R&B and dance genres have broad appeal among multicultural audiences, especially millennials and Generation X. CPB has engaged a Consultant to work with stations to formalize the Urban Alternative format as one of public radio’s core music offerings. This request for proposals will identify up to three stations (Pilot Stations) to implement the new format with ongoing assistance from the Consultant.

Urban Alternative Music Format – Phase 2

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is seeking a company or an individual (“Consultant”) to conduct additional research and provide recommendations and coaching to implement a new Urban Alternative music format, provide assistance with community engagement and development at up to three stations (“Pilot Stations”) in markets to be determined by CPB.

Digital Infrastructure Assessment

CPB is seeking the services of a consultant to assess the current state of public media’s digital infrastructure, including its capacity, adaptability and flexibility to meet future needs, and to recommend ways of creating more effective and efficient uses of digital platforms, services and tools.

FY2017 Radio Station Collaboration Program

The Radio Station Collaboration Program (SCP) is designed to support Community Service Grant (CSG) recipients that have entered into collaborative or consolidation agreements with other CSG recipients to significantly increase their public service.

Managing Consultant for the Station Revenue Project

This grant program seeks a Managing Consultant who will assess the operations at up to ten rural and minority stations to help them raise more revenue to meet the rising non-federal financial support (NFFS) requirement of CPB’s Community Service Grant program. The assessments will include station activities that have a direct impact on fundraising and the fundraising opportunities in their markets.  The assessments will be performed by the Managing Consultant and other subject area experts it engages. The initial 10 participating stations will be selected through a competitive application process. The Managing Consultant will present each station with the results of the assessment. Following the assessments, five stations will be selected out of the ten, and the Consultant will work with each of those five stations to implement their recommendations.

Regional Journalism Collaborations

CPB will continue to invest in increasing capacity at public radio and television stations to create high-quality original and enterprise journalism by supporting additional Regional Journalism Collaborations (“RJCs”) that will establish reporting partnerships between multiple station newsrooms in a state or region. 

Meeting Facilitator: Organizational Advancement

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is seeking a consultant to facilitate a meeting with CPB personnel and general managers of up to 23 African American public radio stations (AAPRS).  The objective is to assist these stations in: identifying shared goals and ideas; exploring ways to better identify and meet the needs of their audiences and communities; identifying ways they might work collaboratively to improve operational efficiencies; and developing specific strategies each station may implement to meet these goals.