Local Content and Service Report

CSG recipients must report to their communities each year on the content and services they create to meet their community’s local needs, and the impact of the same. The report is an opportunity for stations to showcase their programs and services and highlight their impact.

The report must cover the recipient’s most recently completed fiscal year. It may include the types of information described below. While there is no required length, many station’s reports are between three and five pages. Each recipient must determine what constitutes “local content and services” in relation to its operations.

  • A detailed description of the content and services created to meet the community’s local needs and their impact. Impact may be measured by the number of plays, viewers, participants, and etc.;
  • Community feedback on the impact and effectiveness of the local content and services created. For example, quotes from participants, community leaders and partners; and
  • A description and the outcome of any newly created or on-going partnerships and collaborations, including those with other public broadcasting entities.

Submission Date

CSG recipients must email the report to CPB at: localreport@cpb.org no later than February 15 of each calendar year. The report is one of several documents that recipients must provide to CPB before we release a recipient’s second CSG payment.

Public Inspection

CSG recipients must make their Local Content and Services report available for public inspection at their central office, or post the same on their station website, effective October 1, 2016.