Strategic Advisor, Diversity in Children’s Content Production

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Any qualified person or entity may apply.


June 22, 2016

Request for Proposals

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) seeks an individual or firm to provide strategic advice and information to CPB to advance its efforts to support diversity in producers of children’s content.  The successful applicant (hereinafter “advisor”) will provide guidance and information to CPB that will inform future grant programs to support diversity in producers of children’s content. The advisor will also provide strategic counsel to help CPB plan a system meeting focused on increasing diversity in children’s public media – specifically encouraging the development and production of content that reflects the diversity of the American public, particularly minorities and underserved audiences.

The advisor will provide strategic advice to CPB for a term of six months (the consultation period), which CPB expects to begin in July 2016.  It is anticipated that the project will require up to twenty (20) hours of work per month, with some months requiring more effort and some less.  The advisor will invoice CPB on a monthly basis for hours worked up to a cap of 120 total hours on project.  The agreement will be renewable for two consecutive six month terms at CPB’s sole discretion.

Please download the Request for Proposals below for detailed information, including application requirements.
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Questions from Potential Respondents, with CPB Answers:

FAQ Topic: 

If an individual or firm is selected for this RFP, would it create a conflict if that individual or firm also enters into a production agreement with PBS?

Entering into a separate production agreement with PBS would not be a conflict of interest in regards to performing the tasks described in this RFP. However, the advisor would not be eligible to apply for or receive CPB funding for any content or other production grant programs that are directly related to the scope of this project.

Will CPB compensate the advisor for travel time in addition to reimbursement for accommodations?

If the advisor is doing work on behalf of CPB during the travel time, that time can be included as part of the hours worked on this project. Refer to the RFP for additional information about structuring your cost proposal.

Where should items B and C of the Proposal Components (see section IV of the RFP) be submitted?

Please send the cost proposal to Jackie Livesay (, and all other components of the proposal to Sarah Bean (