Local Service

RTL 2020-25 Learning Neighborhood Planning Projects

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”), as part of the 2020-25 Ready To Learn initiative (“RTL”), intends to contract with up to thirty public television stations to participate in a capacity-building planning period (“Phase I”) from which a third and final cohort of 18 stations will be selected for funding as Learning Neighborhoods (“Phase II”), an innovative model of community engagement designed to extend the reach and impact of RTL content in low-income communities. A Learning Neighborhood consists of a group of partners, including a local PBS station, that are acutely focused on the early learning needs of children and their families in the local station’s service area (“Learning Neighborhood”). Learning Neighborhoods will intentionally coordinate parent, family and educator experiences and provide a comprehensive set of touchpoints for a community to support a child’s learning, encouraging sustained use and extending the impact of the RTL content. On a macro level, the goal of the Learning Neighborhood will be to foster a community-wide culture that promotes Ready To Learn’s “Learn Together” theme and empowers children and adults to learn anytime, anywhere – at home, in the neighborhood, and within local systems and spaces.

Public Safety White Paper

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting seeks the services of an individual or firm to provide CPB with a white paper assessing opportunities and making recommendations on where and how public media can enhance its public safety services.

American Graduate Phase Three Station Grants

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is requesting proposals to provide grant funds to geographically diverse public media stations to continue efforts on American Graduate phase three. Stations will work in collaboration with an American Graduate lead station. The grant term is anticipated to run Fall 2017 to Fall 2019. To be eligible to apply for funding, stations must currently receive a CPB Community Service Grant and be in good standing.

Urban Alternative Music Format – Phase 2

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is seeking a company or an individual (“Consultant”) to conduct additional research and provide recommendations and coaching to implement a new Urban Alternative music format, provide assistance with community engagement and development at up to three stations (“Pilot Stations”) in markets to be determined by CPB.

Regional Journalism Collaborations

CPB will continue to invest in increasing capacity at public radio and television stations to create high-quality original and enterprise journalism by supporting additional Regional Journalism Collaborations (“RJCs”) that will establish reporting partnerships between multiple station newsrooms in a state or region. 

“Veterans Coming Home” Content and Engagement Grants

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is seeking proposals from public media stations to participate in a digital-first content and engagement effort that helps bridge America's military-civilian divide (the "Project"). CPB expects to fund up to 10 Projects at $35,000 per grant for a station to co-produce local stories and participate in community engagement and promotion efforts in support of a digital docuseries. Through this Project, stations will help bridge the divide by working with community partners to illuminate the nuanced, compelling and authentic lives of post-9/11 veterans, enrich the public's understanding of the role of veterans as assets in the community, and engage the public in a new conversation about supporting returning veterans through opportunity.

Regional Journalism Collaborations

CPB seeks to increase the capacity of public radio and television stations to create high-quality original and enterprise journalism by supporting Regional Journalism Collaborations ("RJCs") that will establish reporting partnerships between multiple station newsrooms in a state or region. Each RJC should be driven by a focused editorial strategy that is of common interest to the communities served by the RJCs and that will result in more original and enterprise journalism and more "news of distinction" in identified topic areas ("Editorial Strategy"). The objectives of the RJCs are to leverage public media's network of local stations to provide stronger local news service to the public media audience and to increase the flow of locally-produced content of national interest to the signature national programs. An additional objective of the RJCs is to expand the diversity of public media's journalism workforce and coverage to reflect the racial and ethnic diversity and range of perspectives throughout America.

Public Media Content and Engagement Grants for Stations to Work with Veterans

CPB seeks proposals from public media organizations to participate in a nationwide grant project that will build on public media's strengths to meet the emerging needs of veterans in local communities. Through this project, stations will work with key partner organizations to recognize veterans' service and share their stories, opportunities, and challenges through national and local content, and increase the number of veterans connecting with local resources to support their successful transition to civilian life. CPB expects to fund up to 12 stations at $25,000 per grant.

DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES: Enhancing the Diversity, Capacity and Quality of Local and National News

CPB seeks to support the efforts of small groups of news-oriented public radio stations working collaboratively to produce original reporting around important topics, known as "beats" or "content verticals." The two-year grants are intended to support station-based journalism that will increase the range of perspectives heard locally, regionally, and nationally, by adding more points of view from across the country, and expand the conversation on important topics. Each Partnership will need to work closely with national editors at NPR, PRI and APM to contribute original reporting on their chosen "beat" to the national newsmagazine programs.