SABS-SAS Survey Administration & Management Project

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”) seeks a consultant to provide administrative, operational, and analytical support for CPB’s online survey modules. In providing administrative and operational support to grantees for the online survey modules, the key components will be updating, launching, and managing the surveys; providing customer support to CPB and participating stations; as well as providing CPB with ad hoc analysis of the data collected, as detailed in the work scope. These services will be required year-round and will necessitate increased staffing support during peak activity times. Additional details on the level of staffing required during peak times will be located in the RFP’s work scope as well.

Public Media Strategic Advisor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”) seeks an entity or individual (“Strategic Advisor”) to design and facilitate sessions with CPB management that will assist in the development of best practices, and measurements of their success, in diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”) in CPB’s business operations and position DEI as an essential and sustainable pillar for corporate success.

COVID-19 Workplace Preparedness Planning and Reentry Consultation Services

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) seeks to solicit proposals for consultation services by experts in the fields of public health and workplace safety to develop a plan for protecting CPB employees against the risk of exposure to the coronavirus while allowing CPB’s management and staff to make a safe and effective return to work in its offices.

Design and Production of CPB Annual Reports for FY 2016, FY 2017 and FY 2018

Graphic design and production of CPB FY Annual Reports for FY 2016, FY 2017 and FY 2018 as PDFs.

Corporate Space Planning and Architectural Consultation Services

To plan for the expiration of the office space lease in 2020, CPB wishes to consult with a licensed architectural firm to determine the amount, type, and location of office space appropriate for the organization.

Strengthening and Systematizing CPB’s Information Processes

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”) seeks to engage an organization (“Consultant”) to help CPB staff improve its data collection and analysis.