Corporate Space Planning and Architectural Consultation Services

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August 25, 2017

Request for Proposals

The lease agreement for the office space occupied by CPB expires on April 30, 2020. To prepare for the ending of this lease, CPB wishes to consult with a licensed architectural firm to determine the amount, type, and location of space appropriate for the organization. Components of this consultation will include an evaluation of CPB's current needs (including work space, meeting space, and other common elements), analysis of location choices (current location versus alternative locations in and around Washington, DC), and recommendations on how best to proceed with securing the appropriate space for CPB after 2020. The recommendations should include amount of space needed, type of office layout, organizational concepts, finishes and furnishings, workplace allocations, etc. Budgets, timelines, and benchmarks should be part of the recommendations provided to CPB by the winning applicant.

Please download the Request for Proposals below for detailed information, including application requirements.
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Questions from Potential Respondents, with CPB Answers:

FAQ Topic: 

Is there a specific format that you require for the cost data?


Under Proposal Components, Item B, Cost Proposal – should fees cover only this initial phase of work?

That is correct.

Under Proposal Components, Item A.2.v: The last sentence says, “…space plan; and” and does not continue. Is there other information that was excluded?

There is no other information that was excluded.

Do you need resumes of any key personnel?

No resumes are required.

How do you anticipate firms pricing the ongoing consultation services?

Please provide cost estimates for the project as you normally would for these services.

How many groups or divisions are there within the 100 employees?

CPB has approximately 13 divisions.

(7) Should M/E/P Engineering pricing be included in this preliminary phase based on LAN or Data Room requirements?


(6) Will CPB be hiring a Project Manager? Should the architect provide an overall schedule with their fee submission ?

CPB will not be hiring a Project Manager and will seek an overall schedule from the selected firm.

(5) Is in-place renovation an option for consideration?


(4) Project Overview, Item D: Please confirm it is CPB’s expectation the architect’s role in the budget creation is to provide the construction budget (only). It will be the brokerage firm’s responsibility to consider the construction budget, along with IT, Security, etc. to create a comprehensive project budget. Please confirm this assumption.

Correct. The selected firm would create budget estimates only for the recommendations it makes.

(3) Project Overview, Item B: Please confirm it is CPB’s expectation the architect will provide the programming and space analysis required for the real estate brokerage firm to then analyze lease and various location scenarios and make final recommendations.

Correct. However, the selected firm may be asked for additional input with regard to location scenarios.

(2) Within the over-all project schedule, how long do you anticipate this preliminary phase to be? Or should the architectural firm estimate the duration of this preliminary phase?

We anticipate that the preliminary planning and evaluation periods to be approximately 10 months.

(1) Please confirm this RFP encompasses programming, evaluation/estimating, square footage calculations, test-fitting, and preliminary space plans only. Please confirm only these components are what will be priced.


3. Does the RFP explain all the requirements or will additional documentation be requested via the Grants Management System?

Yes the RFP explains all the requirements and no additional documentation will be requested via the Grants Management System.

2. May we tour the office prior to submitting the proposal?

No, we will give only the selected vendor a tour of our office.

1. Will the office space plans and lease information be made available only to the selected firm?