Shared Purchasing Provider

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) seeks to support the establishment of a “Shared Purchasing Provider” to work with public radio and television stations (“public media system”) to implement cooperative purchasing arrangements that leverage their shared buying power to obtain more favorable pricing and contract terms for equipment and services.

Corporate Space Planning and Architectural Consultation Services

To plan for the expiration of the office space lease in 2020, CPB wishes to consult with a licensed architectural firm to determine the amount, type, and location of office space appropriate for the organization.

Public Television Business Strategy Program Facilitation

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”) seeks the services of a consultant or firm (“Consultant”) to plan and facilitate a training program for public media leaders over a period of up to nine months.

Business and Media Strategy Consultant

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”), System Development and Media Strategy (MSTRA) is seeking a consultant to provide counsel and assistance on the issues facing the public television system, including the impact of the spectrum auction on system composition and public policy, changes in consumer behavior and content delivery technology, and evolving business strategies in a digital environment.