The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), as part of the 2015-20 Ready To Learn initiative (RTL) intends to provide funding for up to 30 public television stations in phase one, from which up to 14 stations will be selected for funding in phase two. In phase one (October 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018), applicants must demonstrate that the station has sufficient staff available to support the project with experience in early learning, station leadership support for this project, and the capacity to develop a community engagement collaborative to support early learning in STEM and literacy. In phase two (October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2020), CPB expects to fund approximately 14 of these stations to implement a two-year Community Collaborative for Early Learning & Media (CC-ELM). The objective of the CC-ELM is to give children ages two to eight from low-income households (the "Target Audience") a stronger foundation in early science and literacy learning by engaging them, their families, and their caregivers with Ready To Learn’s high-quality digital and hands-on educational content.

Deadline: Jun 30, 2017
Eligibility: Open to CSG-qualified TV Stations.

CPB is accepting applications from noncommercial public radio stations to enter the CPB Community Service Grant Program.

Deadline: May 12, 2017
Eligibility: See guidelines for specific qualifications.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (“CPB”), System Development and Media Strategy (MSTRA) is seeking a consultant to provide counsel and assistance on the issues facing the public television system, including the impact of the spectrum auction on system composition and public policy, changes in consumer behavior and content delivery technology, and evolving business strategies in a digital environment.

Deadline: Mar 24, 2017
Eligibility: The consultant must have extensive experience with the public television system, including the following: • Digital technology – experience with digital product and business development. • Business models – experience assessing, analyzing, and implementing nascent business strategies. • Station strategy and operations – experience with strategic planning and tactical operations in public media. • Public policy – experience with policy development, review and implementation.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is seeking a company or an individual (“Consultant”) to conduct additional research and provide recommendations and coaching to implement a new Urban Alternative music format, provide assistance with community engagement and development at up to three stations (“Pilot Stations”) in markets to be determined by CPB.

Deadline: Mar 27, 2017
Eligibility: Open to all applicants.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), Office of Inspector General (OIG) is seeking a contractor to monitor the OIG’s system of quality control for audits performed under the Government Auditing Standards (GAS) issued by the Comptroller General of the United States.

Deadline: Jan 31, 2017
Eligibility: All Applicants

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) seeks an individual or organization to recruit minority candidates to fill editorial leadership and/or reporter positions at public media organizations. The successful applicant (hereinafter “Recruiter”) will present qualified minority candidates to interview for up to 20 journalism positions over the term of one year.
CPB is promoting this program to encourage more diverse management and staff in public media newsrooms across the country. Hiring decisions will be at the sole discretion of the organization and not CPB. Recruiter compensation will be a flat fee for each position for which the Recruiter presents one or more interested and qualified candidates.

See PDF for full project workscope.

Deadline: Jan 20, 2017
Eligibility: All

CPB is seeking the services of a consultant to assess the current state of public media’s digital infrastructure, including its capacity, adaptability and flexibility to meet future needs, and to recommend ways of creating more effective and efficient uses of digital platforms, services and tools.

Deadline: Dec 09, 2016
Eligibility: All Applicants

CPB is requesting proposals from firms to provide strategic education consulting services to expand and advance CPB's overall education mission and goals, as well as to provide strategic advice and research services.

Deadline: Dec 09, 2016
Eligibility: All Applicants

CPB is requesting proposals from firms to provide strategic advice to CPB to advance and support CPB’s American Graduate initiative. American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen (“American Graduate”) is a multi-year public media initiative, supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), to assist public media television and radio stations and national public media and partner organizations in identifying and implementing solutions to address the high school dropout crisis in their local communities, encouraging students to finish high school and reinforcing the importance of education beyond high school. Additional information about the American Graduate initiative may be found at:

Deadline: Dec 14, 2016
Eligibility: All Applicants

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) seeks the services of a consultant(s) (Consultant) to work with three public media chief executive officers and assist them in accelerating their efforts to transform their organizations from traditional linear broadcast operations to multiplatform organizations prepared to thrive in the digital era.

The Consultant must have strong knowledge and experience in digital and broadcast media and in the digital transformation of legacy media organizations and/or building digital media organizations.

Deadline: Oct 17, 2016
Eligibility: Any qualified person or entity may apply.