Audio Video Creative Production Services

CPB seeks the services of a creative producer to provide audio video content to advance CPB's priorities in education and journalism, as well as to support public media stations' work. The producer must be available upon short notice and will often be expected to provide the final product within a few days of receiving the assignment.

Ready To Learn Research Partner

In anticipation of a U.S. Department of Education ("ED") Request for Proposals ("RFP") for a new round of Ready To Learn ("RTL") grants, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting ("CPB") seeks a research organization to serve as its research partner ("Partner"). The Partner will:
  1. Assist CPB, PBS, and their content and outreach partner(s) in developing and writing the RTL proposal, the research and evaluation section in particular. The proposal will lay out an intended but modifiable five-year research and evaluation plan; and
  2. Serve as CPB's RTL research and evaluation partner should CPB receive a new RTL award.

Research Study for Station Education Services

CPB seeks to engage a qualified researcher (Contractor) to conduct a study that will include:
  1. a brief (20 questions or fewer) survey of approximately 172 public television stations about their education services (Station Survey), in order to update public media's knowledge and understanding of stations' education services, which were last measured by a station survey conducted in 2007;
  2. case studies investigating how eight stations participating in the American Graduate initiative changed their internal practices or approach as a result of their participation (Case Studies); and
  3. an environmental scan to determine community needs and the services that public media can provide to meet those needs (Environmental Scan).

National Communications and Marketing Support for the American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen Initiative

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is seeking to engage a marketing and communications agency to support the American Graduate: Let's Make It Happen initiative. This nationwide public media initiative is designed to help communities improve high school graduation rates and prepare more students for college and career success. Specifically, the agency will assist CPB and public media stations in developing the strategy and executing on a national communications campaign for phase two of the American Graduate initiative.

National Producer Local Station Partnerships for Education Reporting

CPB wants to support and enhance the capacity of public media to create high quality multimedia journalism on important topics in education. Therefore, CPB is seeking grant proposals from national producers working with local stations to create innovative original reporting that highlights the challenges and solutions found in American communities as they provide education in the 21st century. In particular, CPB wishes to support national/local partnerships in the creation of content that aligns with CPB's American Graduate: Let's Make It Happen! initiative, which addresses the high school dropout crisis in our country.

Ready To Learn Transmedia Demonstration Stations – Cohort #3

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting intends to provide funds for up to fifteen (15) public television stations to develop and implement local projects designed to improve the math and literacy skills of children ages two to eight from low-income communities, as well as their families and educators.

American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen: Station Grants

CPB is requesting proposals from public media stations to participate in American Graduate: Let's Make It Happen. This grant program will support additional national and local American Graduate content, expand the number of participating stations to achieve greater geographic diversity and student reach, and promote teacher and parent resources for use in and outside the classroom based on assessments of community-level needs.

Strategic Education Consulting

CPB is seeking proposals from firms to provide strategic education consulting services to expand and advance CPB's overall education mission and goals. The consultant will be required, upon CPB's request to provide strategic education consulting services to expand and advance CPB's overall education mission and goals, as well as strategic advice and research services.

American Graduate Strategic Advisor

CPB is requesting proposals from firms to provide strategic advice to CPB to advance and support CPB's American Graduate initiative. American Graduate: Let's Make it Happen ("American Graduate") is a multi-year public media initiative, supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), to assist public media television and radio stations and national public media and paratner organizations in identifying and implementing solutions to address the high school dropout crisis in their local communities, encouraging students to finish high school and reinforcing the importance of education beyond high school. Additional information about the American Graduate initiative may be found at: